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Technology Startup Consulting

Multiplier Partners offers a highly focused set of technology consulting services. MXP is founded by technology veterans with proven startup success. Our value proposition leverages our collective experience and global network. Our objective is to deliver expertise for early-stage technology companies, tailored to each client engagement to effectively "Multiply" scale and reach.

Multiplier Partners deep Silicon Valley roots span 25+ year with a focus on developing early stage sales and GTM Strategies. 


Multiplier Partner Services

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Sales Channel Development

Multiply Scale and Reach

  • Proven success in driving early stage sales strategies, including Direct,  Indirect (channel/distribution) and OEM/Licensing

  • Efficient in securing early customer engagements for collaboration in an effort to identify specific use cases and validate road-map priorities - Alpha/Beta customer commitments.

  • Experience building winning sales strategies and cultures


The Startup Playbook

Key Strategies Proven to Guide Early Success

Matt Teeple I Managing Partner I MXP I @2018


Apple set out “to put a dent in the universe” through the experience its customers would enjoy using its products, and it certainly has. From a garage in Cupertino to the first company in history to surpass a one-trillion-dollar market capitalization. Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Cisco, Yahoo!, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and countless others have enjoyed meteoric rises from similar humble beginnings. Today, the world awaits as Uber and Airbnb move toward long-anticipated IPO’s, beneficiaries of a digital economy that was largely unlocked with the rise of smartphones and enabled by 3G wireless technology. Every great company begins as a startup and must navigate unique challenges, overcome long odds, and somehow deliver an experience far beyond what larger incumbents are capable of. We constantly hear of the great success stories, but the reality is that only 1 in 20 startups survive long enough to achieve liftoff. So, what are the distinguishing characteristics that set the winners apart?

      Great ideas and solid leadership are fundamental to every great startup, but history is littered with companies that had both yet still fell short. Over the past 25 years, I have been fortunate to work in various capacities with dozens of startups in Silicon Valley, many that would emerge as market leaders in their respective spaces. Each of them was tenacious and persevered through a unique set of challenges, but I observed several qualities that many of them shared which I believe were critical to their ultimate success.  The Startup Playbook is a summary of those strategies that set the best companies apart.

@ 2018 I Rights Reserved

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Startup Playbook

Matt Teeple I Managing Partner I MXP I @2019

Chapter 1 - Founder Friendly Investors

Chapter 2 - Founders - Mental Toughness

Chapter 3 - The Importance of Creating a Family Culture

Chapter 4 - Factors to Consider When Building the Team

Chapter 5 - Leadership Needs to See the Big Picture

Chapter 6 - Execution and Timing are Critical

Chapter 7 - Honesty and Trust Be Built into the Foundation

Chapter 8 - Focus on a Reasonable Feature Set

Chapter 9 - Customer Collaboration in the Earliest Days is Critical

Chapter 10 - Leaders must be Willing to Learn and make Adjustments

Chapter 11 - Consistently Recognize and Reward Employees for Their Contributions 

Chapter 12 - Great Care must be Taken When Scaling the Business

Chapter 13 - Startup Successes are Deliberate in the Way They Build and Sustain Their Culture

Chapter 14 - Early Customer Traction Depends on a Sound Sales Strategy and Building around the Right Sales Leader

Chapter 15 -  Invest Aggressively in the Most Appropriate Early Customer Engagements

Chapter 16 - Early Customer Engagements Should Be Domestic—The Closer to the Startup’s Headquarters, the Better

Chapter 17 - Build Around a Highly Technical Product Line Manager Who Can Work Effectively Between Sales and Product Development / Engineering

Chapter 18 - Protecting Intellectual Property Must Be a Strategic Focus

Chapter 19 - Establish a Culture of Transparency in the Earliest Days

Chapter 20 - It Is Critical to Carefully Choose Board Members Who Bring Unique Skillsets to the Company

Chapter 21 - It Is Important to Pursue Sound Legal Advice from Proven Firms

Chapter 22 - Understand the Competitive Landscape, but Believe in Your Concept; don’t be Discouraged by Competition

Chapter 23 - Your Leaders Need to Also Be Your Best People—Built of the Highest Moral Fiber

Chapter 24 - As the Startup Gains Meaningful Traction, It Is Important to Get It Well-Positioned with Institutional Investors and Research Groups That Are Thought Leaders

Chapter 25 - When Building the Team—Make Interviewing a Strategy—Interview Questions Proven to Guide Sound Hiring Practices

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